4 Common Mistakes Uber Made & How Companies Can Overcome Them

The recent news that Uber Founder Travis Kalanick will be stepping down as CEO hasn’t come as much of a shock to the public. A number of scandals rocked the hypergrowth company this year, revealing the toxic organizational culture that has grown internally. The scandal that began Uber’s spiral downward came on February 19 when…

HR technology: What is your transformation agenda?

It’s the season of HR technology and this bonding has been beautifully knitted and adorned with the help of amazing and disruptive tech innovations in the HR space. Read below to get an insight of how various HR leaders look at HR technology.

4 Keys To Success While Transforming to World of Digital HR

Anything with the word “digital” in it these days seems to be a hot topic. When you see the word “digital” and “transformation” together – we all snap to attention and think to ourselves “am I doing this stuff?” or “am I falling behind?”